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My daughter and my son are my why. My children have been the why in my story and my dairy-free journey since day one. BE FREE CO. is an idea and a dream created completely and solely for them. When my daughter was 4 years old and my son was just 4 months old, they both started developing severe eczema and rashes covering almost the entirety of their tiny bodies. I just knew in my heart and in my mommy gut that they both had an intolerance or even worse an allergy to something. Something was irritating them on a deeper level that I was not equipped to understand at the time.

After more trips to multiple doctor’s offices than I’d like to remember, I tried desperately to convince any doctor that would listen about the relationship between food and the rest of the body. Specifically, the skin in our case. Most just waived their six-figure medical education in my face. I mean how could they be wrong?! That would mean that something they learned in med school was in fact false to some degree, or maybe they even skipped a very important subject all together. They often dismissed us with prescription medications for allergy serums, creams, ointments and even steroids. I knew that this was only going to cover up the symptoms while not addressing underlying issues we as a family were facing. I knew that this was not the long-term solution for my littles. I knew I had to find a way to cure my babies from the inside-out and if the medical system was not going to help me then I was going to have to go to war myself. I dove head first into research and studies about dairy and other foods and the adverse effects they can have on somebody with allergies and intolerances. I eventually learned just how much food and nutrition impacts every single thing that happens within our body.

I sought out a group of doctors who were ready to listen and ready to be on my team, team mom! When it was confirmed through extensive allergy testing and food challenging that in fact both of my children were severely allergic to dairy it threw the world my family had known right out of the nearest window. We were in for the roller coaster ride of our lives and we were going to hold on for dear life and learn to ride or…well there was no or. The choice was obvious, and our lives were about to change forever.

Learning how to cook, eat, and snack all over again was not an easy task. Especially for a 4-year-old. What do you mean macaroni and cheese is no longer on the menu? No ice cream? Yogurt? Milk? I mean, way to wipe out a full childhood diet in one earth shattering fell swoop.

I found myself spending hours in a grocery store pacing up and down what seemed like endlessly long aisles looking like a deer in headlights. I felt completely lost, overwhelmed, and confused. Have you ever actually read the ingredients on a nutrition label? I was dumbfounded. I was shocked and in disbelief to learn all the places you can find hidden milk ingredients. Let me tell you they are far more prevalent than you would think. Most people equate dairy with the obvious foods like cheese, chocolate, and baked goods. I found out very quickly they are also hidden in unexpected places like seasonings, rice, crackers, cereal bars, meats, potato chips and salad dressings… just to name a few.

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Tasha's Story Continued...

Over the next 5 years my children became completely dairy-free and mostly gluten free and I became an expert at shopping for safe foods my family could actually eat and enjoy. I have found a world full of the most amazing and delicious alternatives that never make my family feel deprived or left out. Dairy-free artisan cheese? Why, yes please!

Once word got out that I was basically a gold medal winner at shopping with restrictions, I started getting people from all walks of life, moms with children who also had allergies or intolerances, intolerant adults, people going dairy-free, gluten free, soy free, etc.… for health reasons, friends tagging me on social media all coming to me for advice. Coming to ME to answer questions about going free of all the things. Advice on where to shop, what to look for, how to decipher confusing labels, what brands to buy, and even just where to start. People who were starting their own deer in headlights experience at the grocery store sought me out for guidance.

That’s when I had an epiphany, my ah-ha moment. What if I could take all of the research I have done and pair it with my knowledge of all the amazing brands of alternatives I have learned about over the years. Then provide this as a beautifully packaged delivery service to all these people at their doorstep? A curated snack and goodies grocery delivery service that takes the guesswork out of living a dairy free/gluten free/soy free/plant based life.

We are living in an age where you can literally order anything on the internet and I mean anything. Just ask my husband! So why not dairy free, gluten free, soy free, and vegan food? Why not enjoy the luxury and the convenience of safe food delivery service so you can continue living your best life without all the hassle?!

I probably don’t need to tell you all of the reasons I wish a service like this had existed for my family the past 5 years, but I am going to anyway…

This incredible opportunity to join me in my subscription box will save you so much time. Can you go to the grocery store and purchase all of the items I am offering in my boxes? Sure! However, getting them all in one place is unlikely. There are times I have traveled store to store, sometimes three different stores all in one day to gather all of my favorite brands. Exhausting! For those living in small towns or rural areas, forget it, they will never have access to the kinds of amazing goodies I could provide inside every box.

This service will save you money. BONUS. Money wasted on foods that are absolutely disgusting and intolerable, and boy have I had some of those! Maybe let’s not make everything out of cauliflower. If you have ever had to buy foods that are “special” aka dairy-free, gluten-free, soy free, all the things free, then you know just how expensive they can be. They can run double and sometimes triple the price of regular priced items. It is extremely frustrating and a super bummer when you pay that kind of cash for something and it tastes horrific. It then spends its shelf life stuffed in the back of the fridge or pantry uneaten and eventually makes its way straight into the garbage. I have already done this song and dance! My husband hates me (well love/hate) for all the money right down the drain on expensive and inedible free from foods that would be better featured in a horror movie.

This subscription box would mean that you don’t have to stand in grocery store aisles for hours at a time reading labels, endlessly googling what to buy, reading reviews about what brands are best, or learning how to decode all of the hidden names for ingredients that you may not know. Hidden names? You read that right my friends. The FDA and federal law require a food label to state when a product contains the top 8 allergens and gluten, but they often don’t tell you exactly what word in the list is actually the ingredient you’re watching out for. They have top secret code names for ingredients to keep you uneducated and confused. Hydrolysates say what?! These words took me a long time to recognize. More time you could save.

You will no longer have to travel to the store at all in fact. With kids in tow might I add. Is there anything worse than long trips to the grocery store with kids in tow?! Has anyone ever tried to read food labels while your kids are very impatiently waiting and tugging on you? HA!

As time went on, I started to eat plant based midweek because I want to do better for my health, as I am very health conscious I feel so much better when eating plant based; less inflated, more energized, clean, like I’m doing something good and right for my body. Also, while shopping dairy free, cooking dairy free, and living dairy free I realized that seeking out vegan foods and snacks, utilizing vegan recipes, and asking for vegan options at restaurants was a great place to start. I realize there are no regulations in regard to CC and vegan foods, but for me it was an easy go to as a starting place and I could add or take away from there.

As I learned and lived the lifestyle more, I connected with, became friends with and followed on social media so many vegans who live the lifestyle for ethical reasons and had a chance to be empathetic towards their lifestyle and vision for a better future for animals and animal rights. I wanted to offer an option that could serve these amazing people in my life and they were asking for it too!

I truly believe that if we want to save the planet and have a sustainable future, we absolutely have to change what we put on the table and how we eat. The damage that eating so many animal products is doing to our planet is undeniable and we have to become aware of it and take action now. As so many food chains move towards offering vegan options, like chipotle, Burger King, and even Del Taco and as the movement towards vegan is starting to mainstream its way into our world, I wanted to make a statement that Be Free Co was also on board with the movement and wanted to be a part of this change to better our world for everyone. I am thrilled to see so many people, actors, social media influencers, restaurants, etc. move towards a vegan/plant based life and am so excited that Be Free Co has something to offer and be able help people on their journey as the world shifts and as they do!

My subscription box of goodness will show up at your door at the same time every single month, and unlike Aunt Sally and the bill collector, this box will be a beacon of hope and joy. It will be so exciting to open up this box and find inside that it’s packed full of new and delicious ‘free from’ food and snacks to enjoy without all of the guesswork. Now that kind of freedom is truly something to celebrate. You asked, and I heard you! For “food freedom” as I like to call it.

Tried and true goodness in your hands at the same time every single month. Foods that are high quality, tasty, and delicious without all the hassle and without ever leaving home all while saving you time and money. No deer in headlights experience in your future. Please join me in my journey to deliver you a streamlined food freedom experience! Whether it be through a one-time purchase (not yet a believer—you will be soon!) a monthly subscription, or a gift box to a person who you know could benefit from such a service.